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Linking Instructions and Leveraging Your Tours

At HomeOptix Photography, every photo and virtual tour we deliver to you includes our Marketing Services. They are mobile-friendly and highly optimized to get you the most exposure for your listings on all devices.


Feel free to take any of our Marketing Services from the list below or from our Exposure Engine list further down and incorporate them into your next listing presentation.  Our professional photos in conjunction with these unique service offerings will make you the most memorable listing agent when it comes time for the seller to choose whom to give the listing to.  Give it a try and win more listings!  If you need help adding our services to your presentation just let us know.

Here is a quick inventory of our Marketing Services that are standard with every HomeOptix shoot:








Step 1: Add Non-Branded Tour to MLS Listing

In most cases, and as long as you have provided us with your MLS number, we have finished off your virtual tour and Home Site productions and we have sent it over to the MLS for you on your behalf.  Be sure to double-check to make sure that your virtual tour link is on the MLS. As long as your non-branded virtual tour link is on the MLS, it will get syndicated to, Zillow,, Movoto, Trulia, and the other remaining real estate portals. This will give home shoppers the option of viewing your virtual tour which is a more dynamic and captivating tool for showing off your listing. If you don’t see your virtual tour on the MLS, please let us know ASAP.  NOTE: Even though your non-branded virtual tour is on the MLS we display your fully branded tour on all national real estate portal sites.


Step 2: Add Branded Tour to Personal Sites & Social Channels - SELF PROMOTE!

Make sure that you add the branded version of your virtual tour or your HomeSite URL to your personal websites, blogs or any other website that will let you add a link to a video or a virtual tour.  This will help ensure maximum exposure.  You should also post your branded virtual tour link or our HomeSite URL across all of your social media channels. Here are some social media suggestions:

1.         Facebook - Your Facebook Page, Local Facebook Real Estate Groups
2.         Twitter
3.         LinkedIn
4.         Instagram
5.         Pinterest

Pro Tips


  • For Instagram and Pinterest, post your favorite picture for this listing, then put a link to the virtual tour in the description. To boost interaction and sharing, write a thoughtful description, then invite people to share your post with others that may be interested in your listing. 


  • Posting your HomeSite or virtual tour to the top of your facebook page weekly will generate more traffic and when you share your Weekly Seller’s Report with your clients, you’ll look like a marketing pro!


  • Be sure to reference the presence of the tour somewhere in your listing description so home buyers know to look for it. You might even mention that Zillow users should look for the virtual tour under “More Facts & Features”. 

Step 3: Watch for and Share your Weekly Seller’s Report

Each week you'll get detailed statistics on how many people viewed your virtual tour, what they looked at, where they are coming from and more. It's great info that will show you just how useful these boost marketing tools are. It’s very important that you complete steps one and two above so your virtual tour traffic reports are as robust as possible.  This makes sharing them with home sellers rewarding and the weekly reports act as a wonderful communication tool between you and your sellers. When your listing sells, simply click reply on a Seller’s Report and let us know.  We will turn off your tour, and stop sending the reports.


Step 4: Price Changes and What to do When a Listing Sells or gets Withdrawn


  • Most of our customers have us put a price directly onto the virtual tour.  We all know that prices change on a regular basis and when this happens, it’s very easy for us to update the price on your virtual tour for you.  The easiest way to do this is for you to reply to one of your Weekly Seller’s Reports with the new price. The email will go to, and it will get changed within 24 – 48 business hours.  If you have access to your virtual tour portal, as mentioned above, you can also manage your own price changes. Please ask us if you would like access.

  • When your listing sells or gets withdrawn, please reply to the Weekly Seller’s report and let us know the status of the listing and what you would like to do with it. Some of our customers have us add a SOLD banner to your production, so a list of your most recent SOLD properties remains available in your virtual tour gallery. If you don’t want to wait for your Weekly Seller’s Report to tell us of the change in status you can email and let us know to turn it off. This will stop the report from sending to you, and the virtual tour listing will no longer be available online to the general public.


  • You may call us anytime within 12 months from when we turned off your production, and we will turn it back on for you at no charge. Listings that have been turned off longer than 12 months will be removed from our system automatically and will require a full reshoot. 

Step 5: We Have Your Back!


  • Please note: Should you no longer have the listing, HomeOptix Photography will never sell or give your images away to another listing agent, home seller, or third party without your written consent.  In these cases, we will let you know if there is an interested party who would like to use your photos or virtual tours.  From there, it is up to you to “resell” your photo package to the interested third party if you wish.  We do not get involved and we will only release your work to another party when you let us know that it is ok to do so.  We are loyal and work for you.

Step 6: Extras


  • Feel free to print out our Home Preparation Guide located here and hand this out to your sellers prior to your shoots.We hope you enjoy our professional real estate photography and BOOST Marketing Services. Let us know if you have any questions and be sure to ask about our other property marketing tools, services, and add-ons.


Chris Carlson

HomeOptix Photography
Mobile: 757-328-0174


Your Real Estate Photography & Property Marketing Experts!

  • YouTube Video (SEO Optimized)
  • Exterior Twilight Photo
  • Your Choice of Music and/or Narration
  • New 2020 Tour Themes
  • Lead Capture System
  • Advanced Data Tracking (Google, and/or Facebook Pixels)
  • Social Media Sharing and Bookmarking
  • Weekly Traffic Reports
  • Google Maps & Satellite Views
  • Affiliate or Co-branding Options
  • Tru-Blu Editing (Skies ALWAYS blue!)
For Website Enthusiasts:
  • Tour Buttons
  • Play Thumb Buttons
  • Virtual Tour Embed (Branded & Unbranded) Codes
  • Branded Virtual Tour
  • Unbranded MLS Compliant Virtual Tour
  • Individual Property Website 2.0
  • Non-Branded Property Website
  • Branded Media Gallery
  • Non-Branded Media Gallery
  • Branded Virtual Tour Link (For iFrame)
  • Non-Branded Tour Link (For iFrame)
  • Graphic Intensive & Ink Friendly Flyers
  • Personal Tour Gallery Page
  • Broker Tour Gallery Page
  • Hi-Res Media Downloads
  • Resized Media Download (MLS Friendly)

Virtual Tour Linking & Usage Instructions

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