• Chris Carlson

So, What is Real Estate Photography?

Have you ever wondered why houses, apartments, offices, buildings and real-estate in general looks so gorgeously pristine in magazines and advertisements? The main reason behind that is "Real Estate Photography"; a very specialized branch of photography that focuses entirely on bringing architecture into life. This of course includes both interiors and exteriors, and they both have their own well-kept secrets.

Some fortunate people reach a point in their lives that they will have an asset of this nature at their disposition, and logically they will likely think on either selling or renting it in order to wake it up from being idle. This usually happens via two traditional methods. The first one is by hiring a real estate agency (which will take a cut from the sale price of your asset) in order to find potential leads for acquiring the aforementioned property. The other one is looking for potential clients by themselves. These two methods are good, and are usually complemented with each other; but they need to be given an extra push. Nowadays we live in a world were images fly out of our control, and reality simply enters through our eyes.

More specifically, through the photos we see online on our daily lives. Long gone are the days in which people would just roam the streets hoping to find a "Sale" sign at a place they like. Nowadays things need to arrive at people's hands after typing “Virginia Beach” or anything else on their browsers or mobile apps. And that's the key moment in which

real-estate photography becomes so important.

Whether you hire a real estate agent or try to market your place on your own. Or even if you are just thinking about becoming a real estate freelance agent yourself; you'll need to hire a

professional real estate photographer that will help you out with the visual stuff. If you are

currently in V