• Chris Carlson

Real Estate Photography Tips

As a Realtor, you know that showing a house in it’s very best light can be the difference between a sale and no sale. Adding a virtual fire in the fireplace can be an easy way to highlight those photos in the Summer time!

Many hundreds of Realtors, Developers and others have trusted us to create stunning property photography for the very best in real estate photography.

Our high quality service, showing homes at their very best with both real estate photography and our real estate virtual tours have helped sell millions of dollars of property.

We have an incredible turnaround time on both our real estate photography and our real estate virtual tours, but we still uphold the very highest professional quality standards.

It is vitally important that you have a real estate photographer you can build a working relationship with you and that can provide this marriage of both speed and quality.

You need to get real estate on the market as soon as possible and you need to know that the real estate photographer you use has done their very best to show the properties at their full potential.

Real estate photography is not a simple task. The placing of the furniture, the angle that is used, ensuring that the light from the windows are at the right angle and that’s all before you pick the camera up.

We have many years experience covering real estate photography and know exactly how to ensure that the photographs truly do show the true house and covers all of the essentials of the property and show them in their best light.

We are also passionate about real estate virtual tours.