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Preparing Your House for Real Estate Photography: Acing the Buyer's Expectations

Real estate photography in Virginia Beach plays a vital role in selling a property, as it is often the first impression potential buyers get of a home. In today's digital era, buyers expect high-quality images that showcase the property in the best possible light. To meet these expectations, it's essential to prepare your house before the photography session. In this blog, we'll discuss how to prepare your house for real estate photography and explain the buyer's expectations and tendencies.

Declutter and Clean

Buyers tend to be drawn to clean, clutter-free spaces that appear move-in ready. Before the photography session, declutter and clean every room in the house. Remove personal items, excess furniture, and knick-knacks to create an open, spacious feel. Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms, as these areas should be spotless and free of personal items such as toiletries and cleaning supplies.

Stage Your Home

Staging your home involves arranging furniture and décor in a way that highlights the property's best features and makes it more appealing to buyers. A well-staged home can give buyers a sense of how they can use the space and envision themselves living there. Focus on creating a warm, inviting atmosphere by adding decorative items like throw pillows, artwork, and plants. Be mindful of your target audience and choose neutral, universally appealing décor.

Prioritize Natural Light

Buyers tend to appreciate bright, well-lit spaces. Open all curtains and blinds to let in as much natural light as possible. Make sure to clean windows to ensure they are free of smudges and dirt, which can affect the quality of the photographs. If necessary, consider adding supplemental lighting, such as floor lamps or table lamps, to brighten darker areas of your home.

Address the Exterior

Curb appeal is critical when it comes to attracting potential buyers. Tidy up your home's exterior by mowing the lawn, trimming bushes, and removing any dead plants or debris. Make sure to clean outdoor furniture, and consider adding a few potted plants or flowers to create a welcoming entrance. If you have a patio or deck, set up outdoor furniture to showcase the space as an additional living area.

Pay Attention to Details

Small details can make a significant difference in the overall impression your home makes on potential buyers. Fix any noticeable imperfections, such as chipped paint or loose fixtures. Make sure that all light bulbs are working and match in color temperature. Freshen up the space by adding a new doormat or a bouquet of fresh flowers in the living room. These small touches can contribute to a positive first impression.

Plan the Photo Shoot

Coordinate with your Hampton Roads real estate photographer to determine the best time of day for the photo shoot. Generally, it's a good idea to schedule the session during a time when your home receives the most natural light. Discuss the property's features with the photographer and identify any specific areas you'd like to highlight. Lastly, ensure that your home is photo-ready by completing all preparations well in advance of the scheduled session.


Preparing your house for real estate photography is essential to meet buyers' expectations and create a positive first impression. By decluttering, cleaning, staging, and addressing both interior and exterior details, you can showcase your property in the best possible light. With a well-prepared home and high-quality photographs, you'll be one step closer to securing a successful sale.

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