• Chris Carlson

Embedding Twilight Photos In Real Estate Tours

Wouldn't you love to portray the beautiful twilight glow in that Virginia Beach house you are selling nowadays? Real estate photography could be more than cozy interiors and perfectly crisp shots depicting impeccable architectures.

Sure, that is pretty much expected for traditional real estate photographs, but should this always remain like this? We bet you know the answer to that question, and it shouldn't be always like this! Especially if you want your house to look as splendid as it could be.

At HomeOptix we specialize in real-estate-twilight photography. Don't be fooled by imitation "twilight" photography, there are a lot of amateurs out there that pass off their fake photos as "Twilight" photos. True "Twilight" photography has clear views to the interiors and an even light on the exteriors.

And what's all that jargon really about?

Well, photography is perhaps one of the most flexible disciplines in the world, and as passionate photographers we like to blend genres from time to time. First because we love doing various types of photographs, and second because it pushes us away from our comfort zone. And for us as Hampton Road photographers twilight is a synonym of magical light, and Virginia Beach has an indescribable lighting qualities.

What is Real-Estate-Twilight Photography Then?