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Embedding Twilight Photos In Real Estate Tours

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Wouldn't you love to portray the beautiful twilight glow in that Virginia Beach house you are selling nowadays? Real estate photography could be more than cozy interiors and perfectly crisp shots depicting impeccable architectures.

Sure, that is pretty much expected for traditional real estate photographs, but should this always remain like this? We bet you know the answer to that question, and it shouldn't be always like this! Especially if you want your house to look as splendid as it could be.

At HomeOptix we specialize in real-estate-twilight photography. Don't be fooled by imitation "twilight" photography, there are a lot of amateurs out there that pass off their fake photos as "Twilight" photos. True "Twilight" photography has clear views to the interiors and an even light on the exteriors.

And what's all that jargon really about?

Well, photography is perhaps one of the most flexible disciplines in the world, and as passionate photographers we like to blend genres from time to time. First because we love doing various types of photographs, and second because it pushes us away from our comfort zone. And for us as Hampton Road photographers twilight is a synonym of magical light, and Virginia Beach has an indescribable lighting qualities.

What is Real-Estate-Twilight Photography Then?

In simple words, it is a traditional real-estate photography but with a dimmed-light twist. What we offer follows the basic principles of landscape photography, with extremely sharp detail enhanced by soft yet continuous light. After working with several real-estate agents, we've come to the conclusion that these photographs are extremely powerful eye-openers for the viewing audiences, especially among social media platforms.

We can't compete with the real experience of visiting the house and feeling all the immensity of it while imagining how life would be within those walls. But we can create the most striking pinch for people to pay attention to specific houses.

Does it Really Makes the Difference?

Yes it does, and we wouldn't dare to tell you this if we hadn't tried it successfully before. After launching it officially as a main service, we worked with various agents, and we did the experiment of using regular (well crafted) real-estate photographs (produced by us) versus real-estate photographs taken during the twilight hour in their websites and social media business platforms. The results were outstanding in both Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads.

What about Combining Packages?

Wouldn't you love to make your clients almost 100% certain about buying a home without a tour? Well, we can't promise you that we will help you out into modifying the customers’ behavior, but we are pretty sure that you'll get more solid leads by combining our photography packages. From the best 360 virtual tours (a specialty among real estate photographs), to direct images and our exquisite twilight lit photographs of the exteriors, this eye candy mixture will make you stand from the crowd.

What Are You Waiting For?

Are you ready to take the next step in real-estate imagery or are you holding to the traditional photos? There is a huge difference between regular images and professionally crafted real-estate photographs, and it you are reading this you are pretty much aware of that by now!

Contact us for further information.

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